Welcome to the Land of Bacchus: Italy, the largest producer of wine on Planet Earth!

Having an authentic Italian dinner is obvious to choose a genuine Italian wine.

Italy is the largest producer of wines on Planet Earth: for this reason we at Bistrò Venexia offer a great selection of italian wines, among which you can meet the perfect foodmate for your perfect dinner.

Bacco di Caravaggio
Caravaggio, Bacchus.

Well, to the present day it’s possible to find very good wines all around the World. Have you ever wondered why?

The very simple reason is: thanks to skilled italians oenologists and pruners experts that spread the knowledge of the art of growing vines and making wine.

So, go back to origins and drink real Italian wine made by those who have taught the World.

bacco di michelangelo
Michelangelo, Bacchus.

Among the italian red wines we offer, Barolo is the king.

Try also Primitivo del Salento and Montepulciano d’Abruzzo for their amazing tastes.

barolo primitivo montepulciano

Other famous italian red wine are Valpolicella and Chianti on flask, two of the most traditional wines from the Land of Bacchus.

And don’t forget the mild Bardolino, the strawberry flavoured sweet and sparkling Fragolino, the light sparkling and fruity Sangue di Giuda.

valpolicella chianti in fiasco

And what about Prosecco?

Prosecco is the world’s best selling sparkling wine, more than Champagne; and in UK Prosecco has sold for about 1 billion pounds in 2014! And growing.

Good for any meal and any moment, when in Benidorm you cannot not have this italian excellence on your dining table. At Bistrò Venexia we serve Prosecco by one of the best Prosecco winemaker.

It’s not the Prosecco done for foreign markets you can usually find at shops or restaurants in your Country, but the True Authentic Italian Prosecco brought directly from Italy for you!


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