Daily Specials

The traditional and authentic italian stuffed pasta: ravioli, tortellini, cappellacci... Amazing tastes on your dish from italian food heaven.


Usually are the fresh stuffed pasta homemade by our italian chef, like ravioli, tortellini or something similar. But also special starters or special mains of meat or fish. So be sure to ask your host which specials are available out of the carte. All the sauces are homemade by our chef and are his own recipes -based on authentic italian recipes- you cannot find elsewhere in the World.

Following only some examples.



LAMB RAVIOLI: fresh homemade stuffed pasta. The filling is lamb meat; the sauce is the famous “abbacchio” sauce, very typical from the town of Rome. It’s an amazing main.



SWORDFISH RAVIOLI: fresh homemade stuffed pasta. The filling is the meat of swordfish, a tasteful fish very popular in Sicily. The sauce is typical sicilian, done with breadcrumbs roasted in extravirgin olive oil, tomato sauce, capers, olives. If you like seafood you cannot lose this recipe when available: you will love it!


7 CHEESES RAVIOLI: the filling is done with a mix of 7 different cheeses from Italy; the sauce is homemade by our chef using red, yellow and green peppers mixed with onions, white wine, extravirgin olive oil.



SHELLFISH RAVIOLI: another amazing tasteful homemade stuffed pasta. The filling is a mix of lobster, crabs and prawns meats; the sauce is typical for seafood pasta in Italy: cherry tomatoes flambée in white wine and butter, a touch of saffron.


WILD BOAR RAVIOLI: homemade stuffed pasta. The filling is the wild boar meat; the sauce is a typical rustic recipe from Tuscany for the wild boar: a double reduction of fine red wine and beef broth with the typical mediterranean aromatic herbs as juniper, laurel, rosmary and some others.


PUMPKIN RAVIOLI: in Italy we have a very testful kind of pumpkin, and we use it to do alot of different kind of main. These ravioli are stuffed with pumpkin and amaretti biscuits; the sauce is done with the typical cheese we italians use for the pumpkin mains, done while the ravioli are boiling. More fresh done is impossible! No commercial/industrial sauces at Bistro Venexia, never!


SCAMORZA AND AUBERGINES RAVIOLI: fresh homemade stuffed pasta, the filling is a smoked cheese from Italy and small pieces of fried aubergines; the suace is a black truffle sauce in melted butter. Black truffle is a tasteful precious ingredient (about 3,000 euro per kilo) we import from Italy, and it’s very used in northern and central regions of Italy for pasta mains and other recipes.


RISOTTO WITH “PEOCI”: a very typical recipe from our hometown Venice is risotto with squid ink and mussels (“peoci” in our dialect). Our chef do it relying on the venetians grandmothers cooking secrets and its mild taste is a must to have if available. Risotto is always to order for 2 persons minimum.



RICOTTA AND PORCINI GIANTS: homemade giants tortellini filled with italian Ricotta cheese and Porcini mushrooms; the creamy sauce is done (while the giants are boiling) with a fresh cheese from North East Italian mountains and milk, with the add of small pieces of delicious Speck (a cold meat from northest mountains of Italy). A blend of amazing flavours you cannot lose!