About us

A little bit more about Renato and Andrea (we show our face)


The Only Authentic italian destination in Benidorm. Born from a dream, became real in Spain.
Rialto bridge

“Once upon a time in Venice…”

We have a tale to tell, but should be really too long.

So we prefer to tell you briefly that Renato and Andrea –after working for over 30 years in restaurants, hotels , bars and lounge bars in Italy (Renato as manager and bartender, Andrea cooking)- wanted to open their own destination where to put their long experience and their skills to the customers. A place where to reproduce the Venice’s atmosphere, that atmosphere you can find only at the several small eateries called “bàcaro” in Venice.

Accostumed to the Venice’s international clientele they opened their own authentic italian venue in Benidorm right ’cause its international character; Bistrò Venexia is The only a place in this area offering the true aromas and flavors of Italy, also providing the traditional warm welcome and service that can encounter in Italy only, all blended with the charme and romance of the unique town of Venice itself, their hometown.

leone di san marco
Saint Mark’s lion

Renato manage the bar and serves international cocktails, long drinks and refreshings, all fresh done with top brand spirits. You can expect from him the same high quality standard every time you come back.

He’s also specialized to create amazing fantastic drinks to quench your thirst.

Andrea is the chef, specialized to prepare the authentic traditional home made italian food.

As a creative and passionate person, Andrea create also new and amazing tastefull recipes with a touch of fusion cuisine.

Portions will satisfy even the hungriest of you.

Last but not least, our chef runs a successful food blog, visited every months by thousands of people from all over the world, all interested to learn more about italian food and to repeat that special italian mood having their meals at home.

noi due al bistrò
Renato (on the right) and Andrea (on the left): together run Bistro Venexia.

Usually found in so called “italian” restaurants (and at supermarket too) are only the trite and overused, boring Lasagna, Carbonara, Pizza and few others.

Do you really think that the whole italian cuisine is all here? Sorry, not so. Let’s discover more than that.

Do you really think that chicken pasta, hot chili fish and meat with alot of tomato sauce, pineapple pizza, etc. are authentic italian? Sorry, not so. Let’s discover some dishes you have to skip to eat true italian.

Let’s discover indeed at Bistrò Venexia the authentic italian food that is absolutely unobtainable in the Benidorm area, as well as the overused ones but fresh and properly done the traditional way!

It was also thought to create a warm, simple, cozy, intimate and posh ambient while remaining rustic (because it’s a familiar bistrot, not a sophisticated restaurant!); the result is a not huge eatery decorated in shabby-chic style, with soft music, low lights but not so much (so you can appreciate the food we serve), with few seats so it isn’t noisy, a clean space where food is the King, where fully enjoy the tastes of true Italy not the flower decorations on dishes with untasting food aside… In short: we recreated a real italian trendy eatery in foreign land.

Bistro Venexia is currently the only pure italian, trendy, posh but no formal eatery in Benidorm area.

Also for these reasons Bistrò Venexia is The real piece of true Italy in Benidorm, owned and managed by skilled italian professionals, where an italian chef prepares authentic, traditional, home-made italian food using italian ingredients.

You cannot not dine at Bistrò Venexia when you are in Benidorm, and enjoy everything this amazing place has to offer.

cappellacci al cinghiale
Homemade and handmade Cappellacci filled with wild boar brased on red wine.