Welcome to Italy !


Bringing to Benidorm the authentic, traditional italian food, home-made by an italian chef using italian ingredients.

Few words to describe the Italian food to foreigners? It’s a food that can give you emotions like a sunset or a blooming almond tree or a great love… do you remember? When one falls in love for the first time in life? Equal. Italian food does this, when it’s authentic.

It is rare to find a restaurant that fully captures the warm, romantic atmosphere of Italy and serve food that give you great emotions, but Bistrò Venexia seems to have done just that: born in Venice it leads to Benidorm all the romance and charme of this ancient enchanting city, the warm welcoming typical italian, and -thanks to a skilled italian chef- the authentic italian cuisine’s heaven.
At Bistrò Venexia our specialty is the delicious authentic traditional home made Italian cuisine, created with the passion inspired by the fantastic flavors of Italy itself. Nothing frozen, no strange inventions with an italian name just to confuse you but authenticity only.
We take great pride in improving upon your favorite Italian dishes in new and creative ways. Come and experience Italy our way!

risotto al nero di seppia e cozze

It takes more than exquisite cooking to make a memorable meal. We at Bistrò Venexia believe that an intimate atmosphere in the right location, kindly personal and attentive service, a great company and the impeccable flavors of Italy are what separates a delicious dinner from an unforgettable experience.

This makes of Bistrò Venexia one of Benidorm area’s shining stars.
The reason why we are reasonably sure that you will share your experience at Bistrò Venexia with your friends, and spread the word and recommend us to all the peoples you’ll meet.