Bar Service

Made to quench your thirst.

Our bar service was created with the clear idea to quench your thirst with a great selection of italian wines, with some of the best beers, with deliciuos fresh made cocktails, with the best drinks and long drinks, and to delight you with our cafeteria.

We at BistrĂ² Venexia serve only the italian coffee brand Lavazza, on one of the best mix they ever do: The Arabica from Brazil -full bodied with notes of dried fruit- are combined with those from India, intense aromas and sweet; these qualities, along with a marked roasting, give a taste that is harmonious, full, slightly caramelized and rich toasty.

Try it as a white coffee, true italian cappuccino, americano, shakered ice coffee or the traditional italian expresso.

logo Lavazza grande

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